Monday, November 15, 2010

Customer Bike Spotlight: Arlo's Shovel

Here are some photos from Arlo's Shovelhead build-in-progress. We look forward to seeing pics of the finished bike!

"Its an 1980 80 cu. in. cone shovel completely rebuilt and freshened up. Points ignition, Baker 6-into-4 kick only..23" front spool with a knobby and a 19" firestone rear, chain driven, modern disc brakes...rigid Paugcho wishbone 4 speed frame, 35mm narrow glide front end, shaved lowers, garage built handlebars, license plate bracket, suicide shift arm, shotgun exhaust, sissy bar, battery box and top motor mount...axed alien tank from Lowbrow and ribbed rear fender that are still being my mock up picture there is a cylinder type oil tank, ive decided to run an old chrome horseshoe oil tank instead... open primary, jockey shift and suicide clutch...blah blah blah...hope you guys can dig on it..."


Anonymous said...

Dont like the stance, weird cuz i do like the bigger front wheels.
Cool for a low budget home build though.
The front wheel like $700+?

Anonymous said...

I built that entire front wheel for $250