Friday, November 26, 2010

Pre Unit Triumph Drag Bike

This lonely drag bike showed up at my door and I didn't have the heart to turn it away. I picked it up in California though it came out of Pennsylvania a while back, apparently sold by either a friend or some family of the guy who built it. It was run at some tracks here and there and displayed, I don't have any photos of the original set up but I am pretty sure the OIF Triumph tank wasn't part of the original go-fast build plan.

Really cool aftermarket drag frame with a factory rigid rear bolted on. This style frame is different than the Hagon frames I have seen as this one has a full cradle and the motor is not a stressed member of the frame. Backbone is the oil tank.

Needless to say, this bike isn't going to sit around like a slacker, it is going to be put to work. There are a couple bikes ahead of it in line but I am starting the process already gathering some parts I will need to make this bike feel like it has a fulfilled life with purpose and passion. Stay tuned.


Unkl Ian said...

Vintage cool, but you are going to need a much larger garage real soon.

Quaffmeister said...

Nice find Tyler, it needs a sympathetic restoration to return it to it's former glory. Then CANE the nuts off of it!

Tyler said...

Well we are planning on moving our shop into a new building in January, and that means our current shop will be my 2000 sq ft bike building man cave... I can't wait to have more room!