Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Check out the Dec. Cycle Source!

We Love Chris Callen and the rest of his crew over at Cycle Source Magazine, they put out a great magazine, especially compared to some of the crap on the newsstand. It is one I honestly enjoy reading every issue cover to cover, and is really well done. They are also a huge supporter of Lowbrow Customs, they publish our tech articles every month and we advertise in every issue. Last month they published the Bonneville Primer article Tyler wrote on our trip to Bonneville Speed Week this past August, and this new issue they not only did our british DIY oil tank tech tip but a 6 page spread on our Bonneville bikes! I am extremely proud of the bike I built and to open a magazine and see it featured is a great feeling! Thanks again guys! Cheers, Kyle

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Unkl Ian said...

WOW. That looks great.