Saturday, October 30, 2010

Joe Aimes's Pre Unit Triumph Drag Bike from the UK

Steve sent us these pics and a bit of info via email, and this bike is just so cool that we had to share:

Morgo 750 big bore kit opened out to 801cc, Morgo p/u rotary pump, cams from norish racing 2 n 514tr, norton gearbox, Hagon drag/sprint frame. I've never heard of Joe Aimes.....and I can't find any stuff on him either.. But the shop that's selling the bike says ....."Here we have the famous Joe Aimes Sprint Drag bike from the early days it is in race ready trim and was purchased by ourselvess as an ornament to hang on our wall in the shop 10 years ago, Joe told us that the machine had just undergone a complete overhaul ready to race for the next season but times had changed for him and it was time to pack up his racing.."

All I know is that Joe Aimes knows how to build a bad ass motorcycle.

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SUMO said...

that puppy is on egay at the minute - 130448342168