Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Sappy Stuff About Kids

Here is the deal, without trying to get all touchy-feely or totally lame. I love what I do at Lowbrow, I really enjoy everything about it; I get to be creative, help customers, foster a culture I love, and it really is a passion. The one thing that I feel I am missing is really making a difference in the world, so I figure that with the amount of people who come to our website and the amount of customers we have, a small amount of people could make a big difference. The way I see it is education helps break the cycle of poverty, it is a tool to better people's lives and make them self-sufficient, a cure rather than a band-aid.

I set up two charitable donation pages, one supporting education in US public schools, the second in developing countries. To support US schools you can donate via our Donors Choose page to a classroom of your choosing, even receiving thank you letters back from the class! To help Lowbrow fund 3 reading rooms in developing countries visit our Room to Read page. Any donation helps, be in $5 or $50.

The next post will be about some crazy choppers, back to business as usual, I swear!


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Bastard Rob said...

As a teacher myself, THANK YOU.