Monday, October 11, 2010

W&W's Cannonball Knuck

This cool S&S Knuck build by W&W in Germany caught my eye. If you aren't familiar with them check out the W&W website, they are a really cool company with some real soul. Wolfgang from W&W gave a little info on the bike:

"After several tries to use the Indian Forks for Harleys we found that there are to many modifications involved to make it not only look good but also RIDE good. The general geometry was just different. So we decided to construct our own fork for Harley frames witch is build in Italy by a company building replica frames for classic bikes.

The first prototypes of the fork where tested under severe conditions. From Lappland to the Northwest Territories of Kanada (Ice Road Inuvik to Tuc) to Key West in Florida on on of our "WreckingCrew" Bikes (kinda special Ops of W&W :-)

Next step was to build a chop with the fork also using as much new cool products as possible. Beside our fork we used 7 Metal West fender and oil tank (good stuff) as you sell them too in the US. Frame is OEM because it has to be in Europe to get a legal vintage registration. Engine is S&S Knuck but this of course must be stock also to be legal and will be changed asap. Of course.

Rest is mostly made by smaller or medium size Fabricators in Europe, USA or Japan witch is our specialty since we are not so much into Main Stream. Baker N1 4-speed, K-Tech Handcontrols, Fork Aircleaner and exhaust guard, our own chain guard, race gas tanks, oil cooler/filter, mid controls (still under development). Some stuff like clutch, primary and battery box have still to be changed.

Bike it is for testing the stuff we sell not for posing. That's why we do not have any studio pics or such.

If we make it, we might try the bike on EDR 2011 with different changes to it. A Biker´s work is never done.


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KustomJeff said...

The W&W guys were great 20 years ago when I was stationed in Wurzburg and I'm sure they are still pretty much the same group of crazies. They always treated me well and got me whatever I needed at the best price they could considering where we were. I still have my old t-shirt from back then and can almost fit in it again ;-)