Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lowbrow Customs Video Product Review Contest - Win this helmet!

Here is the skinny. You film and upload a video product review about something that you bought from Lowbrow (a t-shirt, Biltwell helmet, DVD, whatever!) and upload it to YouTube. We will use some of the video reviews on our website, giving you widespread fame amongst a very small percentage of motorcyclists, who are almost all guys. Congratulations. We will pick the most entertaining and creative product review and the winner will get a custom painted Biltwell, Inc. novelty helmet by Shawn at Imperial House 71! This is over a $200 value and a one-off piece of art, so put some effort into it, slacker! You have until end-of-day October 31st, 2010 to get your video online, and we will pick the winner by Friday, November 5th, 2010. We will be sure to hook up other noteworthy entries with prizes as well. A few brief guidelines:

1.) Keep the length of the video review under one minute. Even 30 seconds is fine! Brief but chock-full of meaty info
2.) Be as creative as you want! Remember, this is a contest, the most creative and entertaining product review wins!
3.) These are reviews, be honest, if there is something you don't like about the product, tell us! A good way to do it is to mention Pros and Cons so it doesn't just look like you are trying to score some free stuff.
4.) Upload the video to YouTube and include 'lowbrow customs review' in the tags so we can find it, also add any other pertinent tags about the product you are reviewing. Fill out the title and description fields as to what you are reviewing and put in the video description when you upload it.

You can email the YouTube link of your uploaded video to to make sure I have your entry. Thanks!


Ha-milton said...

One of you guys is in the new Drive! magazine on their report about this years speed week. Try and check it out, its the one with the Spectre Performance Streamliner on the cover. If you cant get your hands on it- let me know Ill send you a copy.

Kyle said...

Hey man, I have never heard of that one, I tried finding it online but no go!

Ha-milton said... a free magazine distributed to shops around the U.S.