Thursday, October 28, 2010

Customer Bike Photos from Finland

Here is a few photos and some info on my bikes:

The Triumph is a matching numbers 6T from 1953. Slightly stretched and raked frame. Husqvarna front fork. 18”/21” setup/Akront rims. Moon oil tank. Magura clip-ons and grips. Paint by Daniel.

- 1975 Shovelhead
- S&S stroker kit
- Single fire ignition
- Fork Co air cleaner on a Super E carb
- Home built hardtail with cast iron axle plates
- Gas tank from Cole
- Moon oil tank
- Forks shortened and shaved
- 18”/21” Morad rims fitted with the standard Avons
- Norton -60s drum brake front
- Harley hydraulic rear

Found the bike as a basket case a few years ago. Four boxes of parts - everything painted black including all the chrome. The original frame were in bad shape and the swing arm was missing so I fabricated a hard tail with cast iron axle plates. The engine looked like shit on the outside but it turned out that someone restored it with an early S&S stroker kit and just left it in a corner for about a decade. A good cleanup, new gaskets and it was ready to go. Same story with the gearbox. Fitted a Primo beltdrive and clutch as well. Fabbed the midcontrols out of aluminum axle and some old sportster and bicycle parts. Bent some stainless tubing for the handlebars and made the risers as well. Modified the original exhaust and fitted shorty mufflers. I made the seatpan and a local girl named Saija got it stitched up. My good friend Daniel did the paintjob.

Thanks for a great site with loads of nice parts!


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Awesome bike!!