Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Race Preparation Part 1

Lump motor I pulled out of my 1955 Triumph salt flats racer the other night.

Hello pistons, been a while since I laid eyes on you.

Huh, I don't remember this cast iron head having such rusty combustion chambers and burnt valves.
That ring of rust at the top of each bore helps my motor run better.

My chassis awaiting complete diassembly for paint, polish and rebuilding from the ground up.

To be continued... - Tyler


Return of the Cafe Racers said...

Salt and way of avoiding that out on the flats!

Real excited to see how you guys go this year. Make sure you get us more video!

Anonymous said...

Hey man i have a 1955 preunit trophy in a hardtail (basketcase)thats been in my family for years and years. I figured you would be a good man to ask how much somthing like that could sell for? it needs a lot of work and i know im not going to get a fortune.

Tyler said...

Anonymous, email me if you have pics even better I can give you an idea. I may be interested :)