Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Employee Bike Spotlight: Todd's 1964 Triumph TR6 Chopper

The TR6 chopper as it stands now, ready for tear down, paint, polish, and final assembly.

This is the first Employee Bike Spotlight, we have a large work area here at the Lowbrow compound for all of us to work on our own bike projects. Todd tends to have about half a dozen here at any given time, though this one recently flew the coop after all the welding was finished. In his words:

"The pic below is what it looked like when I got it home, it's a 1964 Triumph TR6, 650 c.c. I picked this bike up locally for a reasonable price. It was in sad shape, so I decided to fix her up a bit. These pictures are of the final mockup done. Now all I need to do is take it all apart for paint, then reassemble it and run some wires. I still need to pressure test the gas tank and finish some filing on the rear fender then I will hand off the tins for paint to our good friend Ellis of Devils Hand Productions, he does a killer job."

The neglected 1964 Triumph TR6 as it arrived at Todd's house.

Stay tuned for more, I will be sure to post up photos of the finished bike once it is painted and back together!

Todd's home garage, where he works on bikes all evening after talking about, thinking about, and working on bikes all day.

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