Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lowbrow 1 Year Retrospective

We started working out of our warehouse in February, 2011. It has been one year, and I came across some photos from when we first looked at the warehouse that previous fall. I thought it would be fun to do a photo comparison of then and now, a year later. Who knows what will be happening 12 months from now!

The view from the office.. Hey, get back to work!

Recieving area, 'handlebar & fender alley'

Workshop. Get 'em done!

What started as a huge bike work area is getting encroached on by pallet racking and bulk storage.

Where all the printing magic happens..


62 Ironhead said...

Keep up the good work, well done.

chris topher said...

Nice, I didn't know you guys did in house screen printing. I'm that much more impressed!

beanmachine said...

nice work, you guys have grown a ton since I started watching you and ordering parts from you guys