Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Customer Bike Spotlight: Andy @ King Street Cycles' Ironhead & Triumph

Andy at King Street Cycles (that's bicycles!) sent these couple pics earlier this year. It is nice to see two-wheeled aficcianados on both choppers and bicycles!


beanmachine said...

need more pics of that cool ass ironhead

Grant Schwartz said...

Check out my Facebook page... there are pics of both bikes there:

Anonymous said...

Owner of King Street Cycles is a complete prick, got all bent out of shape that I wasn't putting the air pumps back that I was looking at 100% in their correct positions. I wasn't some teenager there to cause trouble, I simply wanted to see what they had on floor pumps and within 5 minutes of being there he was on my back and certainly spoke loud enough so it was well heard in the entire store. After he initially spoke to me and returned to the back to work on what he was working on, he continued to stare at me while I was browsing. I locked eye contact with him for a good eight seconds, I can't understand what his problem was. One of the worst experiences I ever had in any independently owned store. I walked right up from this place to McPhails Cycle and they were exactly how you expected them to be. Avoid King Street Cycle, I can't believe as an owner of a business you'd speak to customers that way and expect your business to do well. K-W has McPhails, Brauns, Ziggys and Eastside Cycle and all four places were actually friendly.