Friday, July 15, 2011

Win A Copy of the TIG Welding Fundamentals with David Bird DVD!

We have a new contest going on Facebook, enter now for a chance to win a TIG Welding Fundamentals with David Bird DVD! It is quite simple, log in to your Facebook account and check out our Lowbrow Facebook page, view the photo, click on 'Tag This Photo' (see image above!) and enter your name. You are now entered for a chance to win, one person will be chosen at random at noon on Monday, July 18th, 2011!

NOTE:We quickly hit 50 tags on the photo, which apparently is the limit. SO being a beautiful Friday evening and in a good mood, I figured we could throw two more copies of the DVD into the mix. We will pick (1) winner from the tagged photo, and (2) additional winners randomly out of everyone who 'Likes' that photo on Facebook! We will randomly choose winners and message them on Monday!

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