Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Corpses From Hell Motorcycle Gang BSA B33

Maxwell Paternoster's BSA B33 is shown getting some testing. We are sending Maxwell a seat and pillion in trade for some of his art, you can see it needs one! Check out Corpses From Hell for more art and such. Some words on the bike from Maxwell:

"Yea the BSA is a B33 500cc engine in a M20 frame. I made it from parts sourced at jumbles etc.

The bottom end on these is the same as the bsa goldstar, and this bike has all the goldstar bits in the engine. Cams, polished con rod, lightened flywheels, larger inlet valve, 8.5:1 cr It has that carb I got from You. It has tons of tourque and tore the valve off the innertube when I accelerated!"

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beanmachine said...

yeah, he needs a seat real bad