Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mid Ohio Swap Meet Parts Haul no. 1

We pulled into the Mid Ohio Vintage M/C Days swap meet and parked our box truck in our spot and promptly avoided doing any work, making beelines for parts and bikes. After doing a hot lap and checking out as much as possible before getting to work setting up our canopy and all that, we ended up with a decent stash. Kyle grabbed a unit Triumph bottom end and set of cases, as well as a good head. I got myself two sets of big bearing, generator pre unit Triumph cases (one a complete bottom end, though crusty).

I also grabbed a rear hub, not needed at the moment, but when you need one you never find it for $20. I also got this really cool factory rigid Triumph (pre-1955) primary cover. It may have been modified for racing, or the clutch basket just really tore into the cover (common problem); somewhere at some time there was an angry wife or mother wondering where her good aluminum cooking pan went. It is now part of this primary cover, which will end up on my drag bike Triumph, which needed an outer primary still. A good start, and the show hasn't even started yet!

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Unkl Ian said...

I'll have to go earlier next year. ;>)