Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Final Countdown!

No I am not talking about the power ballad/metal (?) classic, I mean 12 days until we hit the road to Bonneville Speed Week! Tyler and I have both been scrambling between shows, work, prepping the bikes, and the other 1000 things going on but today I am feeling pretty good.
My friend Tom from TNT Custom Paint dropped by with his big ol' paint chest and laid out some racing numbers on my fairing. How can hand painted race numbers with double pinstriped borders not look great on a vintage race bike!?!
This weekend we have the Salt Ghost World Premier out in Orange Ca, which I sure will really get us worked up into what one woman described to us a few years ago as a "Salt-Gasm"! Come out, have a drink and watch with us if you are in the area! Check out the event page on Facebook HERE

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