Monday, December 19, 2011

Radical Gifts From Our Bros on the Left Coast: Biltwell

When wrenching on and riding my sick bobber, I like to drink Sick Bobber Pale Ale, bro. Our good friends at Biltwell put some time and thought into their Christmas gifts, and everyone here at Lowbrow got a bottle of their private labeled beer brewed by Mission Brewery in San Diego.

A box arrived for me today from Bill, McGoo and Mike D, and when I opened it it wasn't the reflection of the green hilt in Kyle's eyes, but pure jealousy ;) This knife was hand made by Morris Knives out of a file! A care sheet was included explaining that files are one of the best sources of high carbon tool steel, resulting in a very wear-resistant, tough knife. I love it, and will gladly wear it on my belt and use it to dissuade attackers, business end first.

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Nick said...

I want one of those knives. Making it out of a file is amazing.