Thursday, December 1, 2011

New for 1967! Electrifying Harley-Davidson Sportsters!

Todd brought in these cool old Sportster brochures the other day, figuring people might like to check them out. He pulled them out of the trash at the H-D dealership he used to work at where someone just tossed them! The 1967 XLH & XLCH, perfect for such way-out activities as strumming your acoustic guitar, or fording a stream. Definitely good for cruising for chicks with wild hair-dos.

The second item is this retail price list for the '67 XLH's. $7.50 for a solo saddle and fittings, seems like a good deal! Hand tallied figures at the bottom corner was probably the result of someone riding home their new Sporty with the DeLuxe upgrade, flush with chrome and the highway cruiser package with windshield and saddlebags. Boss.


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I was born too late! I want a purple and white one with the funky headlamp and a turtle tank!