Thursday, December 8, 2011

November's Charitable Givings

We received some letters and drawings from the elementary students in Ms. Nodelman's class in Los Angeles and also from Ms. Scallon's 2nd grade classroom, which were both helped out with donations from Lowbrow customer's from the month of October. Your donation of spare change during checkout helps make a difference in these kid's lives! Thank you.

A total of $534.83 was collected during the month of November from customer's donations, and being December and a season of giving we decided to match those contributions dollar for dollar and also an extra $202 from sales of our Winged Wheel Patch, for a total of over $1200 for November! This includes almost four hundred dollars going to the latest charity we added last month, the Marines Toys for Tots Foundation. Thanks for your support in these causes, and Happy Holidays!

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