Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Slab City Riot 3 This Friday & Saturday! November 4th & 5th, 2011 Slab City, Niland, California

This weekend! Slab City Riot 3 in Niland, California. Last year there were over 1,200 people who descended onto Slab City on the outskirts of the Salton Sea to take in the fresh air and quaint charm of this idyllic getaway. Ride on out (or drive) and enjoy free entry and camping, watch people beat the crap out of eachother with wifflebats in the Coctagon, and have a good time. You won't regret taking this trip when you are an old man so get on it, son.

We sent out a bottle of vodka hand painted and gilded by Shawn Long of Imperial House 71. This is the trophy for the Slowbrow (slow) Race, part of the yard games that will be taking place.

And our friend Josh (who runs our Lowbrow booths at Longbeach Swap and other west coast events) and his wife will be running the free Lowbrow bar. Pretty simple concept, we bought hundreds of dollars in booze and are giving it out for free, until it runs out. So stop by the Lowbrow booth and say a sentence that starts with 'I'll take a shot of...' or ends with 'and coke' and they will have you covered! Tips are appreciated for your gracious bartendress of course!

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