Monday, October 31, 2011

Customer Bike Spotlight: Bobes' S&S "Drag Bike"

hi from spain guys!!!!!

mi name is bobes, here is my last bike ,wearing with some of the shit you sell.hope you like it...

builder: me & my pals at speed metal
frame: santee goosenek traded for some old bike shit
fuel burner: s&s 96, shovel copy...
shemale (a.k.a trans) : 70's 4 speed survivor (shifts like crap...)
bars: keyno
seat: white...
tail light: lowbrow
oil filter: lowbrow
paint: no money...some sitckers and spray.
air filter: church of choppers
pipes: home made shotguns

gas cap: crashed sportster piston
rear fender: old spare wheel cover...i think.
wheels: 21'' & 18'' - avon
gas tank: sportster modified

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