Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Harpoon's P-Nut Tank for Oil & Water Art Show

Our firend The Harpoon is one of the artists at the Oil & Water Art Show coming up November 12th at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles. We sent him one of our P-Nut gas tanks to paint for the show, and he just sent us this update:

"Got the tank in on the weekend. Full speed ahead with prep. I use a primer that dries glossy.
These tanks need very little Bondo to be readied. Nice one Tyler. Thank you, Harpoon"

Also, our bros over at Biltwell, Inc. and ChopCult set up a Shop Crawl to the art show starting from Biltwell HQ in Murrieta, then on to Classic Cycles in Orange, and on to Cro Customs in Culver City and on to the show. Meet up with them at any of the stop sand ride to the show in style.

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