Saturday, June 12, 2010

Progress is the key word.....

I spent a whole day in the shop today working on my 67 T120 land speed bike. I got a lot done which is good seeing that I have less than 2 months till we hit the road for Bonneville! Stress is high with everything to finish on my bike and Tyler going full bore on his 55 also. I got my rear wheel together and my spacers all machined as well as my rear fender mounted and fender struts fabricated.
It's starting to look like a bike and as soon as I get done with the engine build it'll really start shaping up!
Stay tuned for updates, tomorrow I will be working on something really special and if I get enough done there will be some sneak peek pics! Cheers, Kyle


Anonymous said...


What size rims and wheels are these and we did you purchase them from.



Kyle said...

I am running a 19" front and 18" rear Akront Morad rim. We ordered them direct from the factory in Spain.