Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Lowbrow Getdown Updates: Ride-Drink-Camp June 19th 2010

I have just updated the Lowbrow Getdown webpage, check it out. Here is a map of the campground, the red X marks the park entrance, and the red circle is where the shit goes down. When you enter the part you just head to the left all the way back to 'The Meadows'. This is a secluded area but only a short walk to the quarry or near the front of the park and the sand beach where you will find some food and vending and such.

Camping is normally $15 a night, we are sorting out entry for all the party goers and hope to have free entry for at least 100 people coming to the Getdown.

Another sponsor onboard, Tim Statt of Kwikwerks! In addition to being able to handle any custom injection plastic mold needs you may have, check out all the cool cycle parts and such he slings on ebay under the name gigastatt, or his ebay store Gigacycle. Thanks for the support Tim, it helps all these greasy bastards eat, drink and sleep in the woods for free!


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Anonymous said...

What time are you leaving the Waffle house in Medina?