Friday, June 18, 2010

The Lowbrow Getdown is tomorrow!

2 kegs of Hobgoblin Dark Ale and a watermelon.. looks like a party to me! We are loading up everything for the Lowbrow Getdown today and getting some stuff set up over at ground-zero. If you are rolling in early follow the campsite map to where the party is and you will see a big 20' x 20' canopy and a motorhome, that is home base for the Getdown. By lunchtime tomorrow there will be cold, tapped kegs, a hot grill, a bunch of food and plenty of beautiful weather (hope hope). We have a couple guys (Paul & Marco, and Heather) coming in from the East coast today, and more that are going to be camping tonight, and tomorrow people should be rolling in all day long. Hope to see you there!


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