Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WFO lsr gets something special today

I got a couple packages in the mail today, a set of universal rearsets that will do the trick nicely. Cast aluminum with knurled fold up pegs.

The next box I saw really excited me! I put up a wanted add on Chop Cult and Tom Rose over at Mountain Legacy Inc. out in WY. responded and with just what I had in mind for this project! Not only that he talked with me for an hour gave me some great feedback and info. Very cool dude.
For a 67 Triumph land speed bike what else could you want? A NOS Ceriani front end.He wasn't joking when he told me it hadn't been mounted before and the steering damper parts were still bagged.
Just a quick mock-up photo but this is just what I had in mind! Do you think some new Akront Morad rims will look good with this front end?

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