Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tyler was right...lathes are awesome!

I needed a new axle to mate up a Ceriani front end with a mystery spool hub for my Triumph land speed bike, and instead of having to find a machine shop and give them my scribbled measuremnts on a post-it, I went back in the shop and fired the lathe up. After a ten minute crash course from Tyler (most of which had to do with cleaning up after myself) I went to it. I would say it turned out very well for my first time machining anything on a lathe before.

Of course it took me 8 hours and 2.5 feet of chromoly steel to make a ten inch axle....but the third try was the charm, perfect fit. Now just need to drill and thread the ends for the castle nuts and cut a couple spacers and it's good to go. I have a feeling the rear axle will go much quicker!
Oh my Bonneville racing number too. I am excited as hell! Cheers, Kyle

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Nick said...

Regular ol wizard.