Friday, April 2, 2010

Some shop time, and Christmas gifts! Errrr... I mean Easter!

It's been a great week, we had record highs the last two days here, mid 80's today, it's feeling like summer! When UPS showed today Tyler and I tore into the box marked Bob Newby Racing like kids on Christmas morning. This is what we found, a Triumph pre-unit and a Triumph Unit belt drive with racing clutch discs and drilled alloy pressure plates. Tell me it's not a beautiful thing!
Tyler spent some time modifying the frame rails on his pre-unit hardtail what is this the 3rd or 4th variation so far?! It's gotta be just right.
And speaking of just right the other tank wasn't just what I wanted so I sourced this wassel re-pop out, drilled the frame welded in some bungs (check out our tech article if you haven't seen it), and there it is. That is the look I had in mind for "WFO".
Everyone have a great holiday weekend! Cheers, Kyle and Tyler

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Nick said...

Those belt drives are awesome.