Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shift / Brake Linkage just about done

I have been working on the shift and brake linkage for my '55 Triumph, got the brake side finished, all stainless steel. Shift side is about done, just need to cut the main linkage rod down to length and thread the one end, but I am waiting to do that until I get the seat made so I can make sure I have it right where I want it. I have a 4" 6061-T6 aluminum adjuster there that acts like a turnbuckle so I can adjust an inch or so of play to fine tune the shifter angle.



dustyshmo said...

wooooooow now those are rear sets

Anonymous said...

The Cast Pre unit brake arm is rad upside down. Brake plate looks good without the rim and the holes turned out awesome. The stainless linkage is bad ass and I like how you used the one female heim Joint instead of two males (no homo) like most guys do. Also the two "enduro" style rod nuts look good on that short little rod. (full homo)