Friday, February 19, 2010

Triumph Pre Unit Goodness

For some reason my wife doesn't think these are cool, and I don't get it. Triumph pre unit timing gears, drilled for weight with beveled edges to give less drag. Does it make a difference? I don't know, but it sure looks cool as hell.


Unknown said...

Hell yeah it makes a difference, just like lightened rockers, special pushrods, 500 lifters in a 650 motor, etc etc. Anything to reduce the mount of work the motor expends in turning itself goes to your rear tire for quicker acceleration. That's why all the drag racers and flat trackers did it!

Tyler said...

I have heard both ways, I figure I won't know until I finish my motor and see how it goes, and even then won't be able to attribute it to just one of the many modifications. However, the sum of it is what matters, and a bit of work on timing gears to potentially get more speed is fine with me!

Greaser Mike said...

To really reap the benefits you'll need to do the whole puzzle not just a few pieces. Will simply throwing lightened timing gears into an otherwise stock bike make much of a difference? No. But it will if you lighten tappets, valves, rocker arms, crank assembly etc. and removing a significant amount of rotating mass will. Also keep in mind lightened timing gears will make the engine sound very chattery. Stan Shenton covers this in his tuning book.

(Just the same I'd run them, they're gorgeous)