Monday, January 2, 2012

A Holiday Shop Project!

I spent a bit of the holidays messing around with one of our new P-Nut tank DIY kits, just checking fit and seeing what could be done with one and a funny thing happened. The more I cut and started working with the tank halves the cooler I thought it was turning out. I sectioned a few inches out of it making it super narrow and made a new tunnel out of sheet metal and dropped it down low on the backbone of my race bike. I decided it would be cool to scallop the rear of the tank to match the rocker boxes and do some metal work to cap the ends and I used one of our filler bungs and caps to top the tank off.
What started as an exercise turned into the tank I want to use on my 2012 Bonneville Speed Week Bike! I still wasn't sure but it mirrors the oil tank design and fairing work on the bike so well; add in the fact I love p-nut style tanks, and the fact I made it, and there it is! I did a few tests with our friend Greg and it holds one gallon exact. Perfect!
By the way, this is some of the first tank work I have ever done, and I am very happy with the results. It was a lot of trial and error but the work was worth it to me. I will throw a picture up as soon as it is all finish welded, anyone working with one send us some pictures of what you make with em! Cheers, Kyle

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Jonathan Glover Photography said...

The tank looks sick and I love the new frame. Can't wait to see this new bike come together.