Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Customer Bike Spotlight: Wichita Steve's Drag BSA

Lots of good stuff going on in this photo from Steve in Wichita, Kansas. He is working on this drag BSA featuring a 4" stretch, 2-1/2" drop David Bird hardtail. Looking great so far! Can't wait to see this race bike done.

It is also sporting an M&H Racemaster 4" x 18" drag slick, available from Wayne Skinner of the National Vintage Motorcycle Drag Racing Association (NVMDRA). If you are looking for one of these brand new, made from the original mold, from original compound recipe drag tires, email Wayne at and tell him Lowbrow sent you!


motorcycle parts said...

Where its handle?? Its tires look really amazing. Hope you will show out your bike after install all parts. I am really exciting for such bike which are under build. I have got old Harley Davidson model.

guinessplease said...

that frame sits very nice. the engine isn't even tilted back! its a miracle.

bassen69 said...

one of the bedst bsa builds ive seen, the frame is realy nice & like guinessplease says the engine isn´t tilted back & it sits straight n nice, i realy dig the front brake borred pattern looks so good realy cool detail. what model is the front brake ?... damn nice work