Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bringing Her Home / What Winter Is Good For

Loaded up my green Triumph, my '55 land speed race bike. Time to haul it home and yank the motor out and poke around at least at the top end and see what's shakin. Maybe probe deeper depending on how the top end looks. The winter can be long and brutal, however there is one advantage; it gives those of us whose parents or ancestors weren't smart enough to move somewhere that is less prone to give you S.A.D. time to work on our bikes and build new ones. If it was 75 degrees and sunny outside all the time I don't know that I would ever want to work on my bikes.

I have always built my bikes out of a tiny 19' x 8' single bay I insulated and ran air lines in, etc., a couple few years ago. Well now that Lowbrow is in the new warehouse instead of the building behind my place, I have a nice large bike work area I am working on setting up. Already heated, drywalled, kitchentte, and bathroom with shower, so I am way more decked out! Just need a cot and I can live in there. Mostly empty and clean at the moment but that won't last long. Still have to hang a bunch of pegboard and get my tools organized so it is easier to work in.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm just about to do the same with sik kustomz found a nice shop to lease in town so I can get mote business from people passing by nothing like doing what ya love an old man told me one time son when your doing something ya love you'll never work again cause It want fell like work to ya