Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weirdo vol. 2 Proofed & at the Printers!

Weirdo vol. 2 is proofed, done and at the printers! Expect the new issue at the end of the month. All new, an additional 12 pages, now 60 pages of killer content! It is masturbatory material for motorcycle nerds for sure. Stay tuned, as soon as it is printed we will be throwing them in orders over $100 for free, and they will be available for purchase at $2.50 each.


Unkl Ian said...

Looking forward to it.

voch said...

Wish I could get a copy of the first one too!

rex havoc said...

Nice to see "The Brat" in Weirdo. Any chance of getting a copy or two with our next order?