Monday, September 26, 2011

Lowbrow Holeshot 2011 Wrap-Up

A big thanks goes out to all that attended the races at Western Reserve Motorcycle Club this past weekend and hung out and partied. There was a huge turnout, probably twice the size of last year. A big thanks to LF who was manning the BBQ cooking through the entire evening and feeding lots of hungry motorcycle enthusiasts for free, and also to The Burning Harlots who put on a good show for everyone. Someone got hurt late that night, hit by a truck, we don't have any details but our thoughts go out to him and to his family, hope everything turns out okay.

Thanks to Joel at Image One, these photos are all stolen from him, hope you don't mind, Joel!!


crash said...

hey Tyler,
thanks for great party!All you guys from Lowbrow are stand up people.Hope to see you guys next time.
thanks, chris

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great time and for feeding all us dirtbags! Glad I called off sick to be there.