Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meet Lowbrow Customs: Katy-Bear

Name: Katy-Bear
Likes: Cheese
Hates: Being hungry...Grrrrr!
Loves: Lowbrow Customs

Partner in crime: Bluey a.k.a. Blue-Dog
Likes: Eating paper and cardboard
Hates: Laying down
Loves: Lowbrow Customs

I have been with Lowbrow since March of 2010. As far as I am concerned this job was made for me! Lowbrow is the best family I could ask for and everyday I am grateful for the opportunity to work here!!!

(Note from the Editor: Katy rules, she runs the shipping department and she is the reason you can order something and it is on your porch waiting for you a couple days later.)


Shortbus said...

If I get in a box and ship myself will she be the one to unpackage me? Boy I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Wow! How good it must be to actually enjoy your work!
With a partner like Blue Dog too Cool!