Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lowbrow Panhead: Coming Together

I haven't done a ton of updates because I am too busy every night busting my ass to get this bike done and broken in for EDR 2011. Which is in less than a month. I will go over some of the progress in broad strokes, leaving out the countless hours of thought and minor details that I had to go over, the boring stuff that isn't as obvious as the early 50's Triumph forks getting rebuilt the other night after I got the lowers and trees back from the chrome shop.

Or the stainless steel handlebars bent for me by Craig at Front Street Cycle. He makes bars to order, contact him for your handlebar needs. Add some Barnett levers and a Kustomtech throttle.

I spent the last two evenings getting the dual mount headlight mount done. This would have been easier if I had a plan but I basically dove in and started making it. The first evening I did the actual light mount, so both lights were in position relative to eachother, but I still needed to sort out the mount to the forks. I wanted to make it adjustable so the light could tilt, as I have only ever seen fixed mount ones with the typical chromed steel bracket that bolts to the lower tree pinch bolts. I was dozing off and the idea popped in my brain and this evening I went ahead and finished the mount. I am stoked on how this turned out, sturdy, functional, and all stainless steel so it will polish up nicely.

Wheel is in place though I still need to set up the brake shoes, arm, cable, etc. One main thing on my list to do still as far as fab work goes is to finish the damn exhaust. Still want to make a custom top motor mount and carb support.. More updates coming soon..


beanmachine said...

light mount looks tight, gives me a few ideas, so thanks!

Shortbus said...

And if it only had some Shortbus Goodness.
Looking slick!