Saturday, April 2, 2011

Customer Spotlight: Brooklyn Nick's 1967 TR6R

Thanks for sending this in Nick, it looks great and I am glad we could help in any way!
From Nick: Hey Tyler and Kyle, Just wanted to send a few pics of my 1967 TR6R, as you and your site were incredibly instrumental in the completion of this Brooklyn stomper.Gotta give a big shout to Dennis and Steve over at TT Cycles in Berkeley Heights for taking me under their wing and helping fab out the tail section and mounting the springer. Too many Lowbrow parts to count, from the fuel lines to the bars, you guys have been kick ass! New York’s own Hugh Mackie helped me get the motor squared away while Dave Perewitz nailed the paint.
Next project up is a chopped T100 bar hopper. Got a beer in one hand and my Wes White DVDs in the other! Say goodbye to that swing arm!
BTW your posts and DIY tips have been invaluable!
All the best guys – Love that sky high sissy bar on the new Pan.

Brooklyn NYC

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