Friday, December 17, 2010

Triumph Drag Bike Motor In Progress

I got some work done on the old pre unit Triumph drag bike this evening. I pulled it all apart and have the frame ready to sandblast. Got the motor on the bench and pulled the timing cover and found this, very cool drilled timing gears and BTH magneto advance. This got me excited so I pulled the top end off as well. High compression pistons, +.100, the rest of the bottom end will come apart this weekend. Looks like perhaps Harmons Collins cams, we shall see for sure when I split the cases.


Marty said...

Very cool, but with the amount of weight cut by drilling the holes, couldn't you just skip lunch and it be the same? lol.
Any word on the +71' bsa hunt mags? merry x-mas

Tyler said...

Marty, cam wheels are reciprocating mass, in theory the lighter they are the faster they can spin, helping bring your RPMs up faster. Same with weight saving on pushrods, rocker arms, rocker adjusters, etc. It isn't about the weight of the bike in these instances, it is about quick revs. I don't know of conclusive evidence either way as far as cam wheels go, but it looks cool as hell :)