Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Progress on my 67 Triumph LSR bike "WFO"

Today I hit the shop and started doing some frame modifications while I am waiting on my engine parts, oil tank, wheels, and front end. Our personal shop area is getting pretty crowded now with Tyler's projects and mine! I started with a stock unmolested 67 Triumph T120 front frame loop.
I then proceeded to lop off all the excess tabs and mounts. I know someone out there is dying reading this right now!
And the finished loop. I may modify the neck more but not until I have the front forks mounted up. It will go off to sandblasting too, I have stripped enough frames by hand, messy and not fun!
Here is the frame with the David Bird hardtail bolted up. 4" stretch, 2.5" drop. It should give just the right stance and height for the bike.
And for giggles I mounted up one of our Lowbrow Customs Alien tanks and a 7Metal West fender to get an idea of what the finished product will look like. I'll post more updates later this week! Cheers Kyle

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I am wondering if you still have the bracket for the stand that was attached to the frame. I would like to buy it from you. Thanks!

shoot me an email: polxunxu@gmail.com