Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More progress on my 07 Triumph

So the last couple days I decided to go ahead and remove the stock airbox, reject my carbs etc. Get some extra performance and continue with the street tracker look I am going for. I put the bike up on a block and even though I had turned the heat up in the garage, the plastic airbox was so cold and brittle it broke while removing the first bolt. Well since I didn't care about keeping the stock part anyway I just broke it into pieces and pulled it out. I have to say it was alot easier than pulling the rear wheel, chain, shocks, etc !
The airbox elimination kit from BellaCorse was simple to install, came with all the parts needed and was a great fit. Props to Mike for answering my questions and great service! It did leave a mess of wiring ( I have been removing extraneous wiring like crazy off this bike!) Ii also changed out the cheap stock carb caps for these slick aluminum LC Fabrications Hinckley Carb Caps.
But like my dad always says, nothing a bag of zip ties can't fix! I Love those things!

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