Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Product Launch: Lowbrow Customs Knurled & Beck Grips

We are extremely excited to announce two new styles of grips to the Lowbrow Customs Line up, Knurled and Beck grips. Grips are one of the easiest ways to make your bike stands out from the crowd and changing them out is extremely easy. Check out www.lowbrowcustoms.com/grips for all our styles we carry.

Knurled Grips: The knurled bands encircling this timeless design have been scientifically calculated to allow the proper channeling of sweat from your palms equally well when whiteknuckling around the track or putting along through the desert, all the while providing you with the security and style that one desires from a motorcycle handgrip. In addition, they look the part while your bike is parked, anxiously awaiting your return. Available in 1" and 7/8" for only $19.95 - Get a gnarly grip!

Beck Grips: From the annals of motorcycle history, Beck Grips have been brought back in modern, injection-molded Krayton rubber to fit the make and model motorcycle of your choice. Straight black or marbled, whichever suits your fancy, this narrow profile grip looks right at home on vintage motorcycles as well as custom bikes of all eras and styles. Available in 1" and 7/8' for only $19.95

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