Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Customer Bike Spotlight: Alessandro of Kustom Tech & His First Triumph

Alessandro is the gentleman behind Kustom Tech, based in Italy. We sent him some parts that he needed for his first Triumph, which is pictured here. Here are some specs on the various parts on his bike, which is getting paint and polish now!

Frame: Chop Works (Torino, Italy)
Gas tank, rear fender with seat, battery box: Anvil Disciples (Pisa, Italy)
Finned top cover battery box: Kustom Tech
Oil tank: Lowbrow Customs with finned aluminum (top cover Kustom Tech)
Front wheel: 21" Rim Akront with mini drum
Rear wheel: 19" Rim Akront with Kustom Tech hub and with mechanical drum (Kustom Tech prototype)
Front end: Triple tree (Kustom Tech prototype) legs HD 35mm
Handlebar: 1" inch by Fork Japan with Kustom Tech hand controls and rubber grip
Pegs and shift/brake pegs: Kustom Tech
Kickstand: Kustom Tech
Front light: Pontiac
Rear light: (Kustom Tech prototype)
Engine: Triumph 650cc with Amal carb., velocity stack and rocker box caps Lowbrow Customs

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Capion mc said...

Darn Italiens! Where wheels & engines are concerned they turn poop into Gold!