Friday, June 1, 2012

Help Wes White @ Four Aces

Our good friend Wes White of Four Aces Cycle was recently in a bike accident due to a hit-and-run driver. He woke up in an ambulance with a busted up ankle and ended up having surgery to make him more machine than man. Well his ankle at least. Wes has a big hospital bill looming and is going to be laid up a bit. We, along with many other fine motorcycle companies, are trying to raise some funds for Wes to make his recovery time a little less stressful, and to help cover the surgery costs. For the month of June we are donating a percentage of sales of any t-shirt, as well as on a couple of our most popular items, P-Nut gas tanks and Biltwell Flat Black DOT Helmets. Of course, you can always buy one of Wes's racing support shirts or DVDs, as that money goes direct to him. Thanks for your help!

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