Monday, December 13, 2010

"Juan" Hondamatic Chopper

Jon Hughes killer CB750A chopper build:

"Juan is my first build. It started as a Craig's List 1976 CB750A Hondamatic. Got the frame, carburetors and, speedo from Ken @ Cycle X. Rims are Excels rims off of ebay, 5.5x16 rear, 2.5x19 front, laced up with some Buchanan's spokes to the original hubs that I buffed up on a Harbor Freight $39 buffer. The rims went together easier than I thought they would. Running a Metzler 180/70x16 out back and a Bridgestone 90/90x19 up front. The seat is an Anvil Customs that I found on ebay sitting on springs and fittings from Lowbrow Customs. Pipes are Vance and Hines CB900 pro-pipes. Attitude Painting in Pinellas Park did the tank and fender while Bothers Powder Coating of New Port Richey did the frame and trees. Motor is still stock with just a spray can overhaul and the ignition switch stuck through the side cover. Hell the thing started on the first crank after sitting for a year. It took a year to put together in my garage. Its not quite a Bolt-on-Betty, making all the parts play nice together meant a lot of assembling, disassembly and grinding, oh and a lot of cussing and sweating. The hardest part was lining up the motor and rear tire then squeezing in the chain between the frame and back tire. Rode it as a rat far a week or so before blowing it apart for powder and paint. The two speed automatic is great fun to ride."


beanmachine said...

Cool chopper man, first hondamatic chop I've ever seen, and it looks awsome, nicely done

Anonymous said...

Seen this one at Quaker Steak and Lube....awesome job he did on