Thursday, June 24, 2010

North Carolina Bound, Smoke Out East here we come..

We are about to split for the Horse Smoke Out East in Rockingham, North Carolina. We have a huge setup this year, look for the 20' x 40' white tent! We also have Shawn Long from Imperial House pinstriping at our setup, as well as Clay & Erin Rathburn of Atom Bomb Customs hanging out along with a couple of their bikes. BF Josh who runs the Lowbrow booth at all the West Coast shows and his wife Rebecca will also be in from SoCal to see how it is done on the right coast. Make sure to come by and say hi and grab a beer with us.

With the Lowbrow crew being in North Carolina, we will still be taking orders and checking email, and all orders will ship out Monday morning when we are back in the shop.

See you there!


brandon workman said...

make sure to bring back lots of bitchen pictures!

Unkl Ian said...

Have a safe trip.