Thursday, May 10, 2012

Todd's Garage Vol. 1

Todd works at Lowbrow. He answers tech questions on the phone all day, among other things, like imparting motorcycle wrenching knowledge onto us. He is immersed in motorcycles all day, and then leaves and goes home.. to work on motorcycles. Here are a couple photos I liked, the bike above is Todd's latest project, a 1969 Triumph TR6 sporting a David Bird hardtail; he just dropped the motor in this evening. I love it already.

And here is a photo of his workbench, with several of the motors he just finished building (the two pre unit motors on the right are mine, stoked!). Todd uses a unit motor as a step stool in his kitchen and the oil tank off a T100RR as an ash tray, and when he broke his femur he had a connecting rod driven into it the marrow; he is more machine than man. OK, the last sentence was total BS but the rest is true.


S a s h a said...

tasty sounding build!

Zach Evans said...

Nice Dude! Im about to start my 69 TR6R into a custom Flyrite frame. Cant freakin wait to get going, problem is Western Australian Laws make things really difficult to build here.