Monday, May 7, 2012

Customer Bike Spotlight: Chuck's 750 Triumph Drag Bike

Check out Chuck's 79 750 drag bike build! You guys may know that Tyler and I are very into drag and Land Speed bikes, and so are a lot of our customers it seems! We hope to see this in person down in Wilmington this summer!  -Kyle
"I’m 64 and for more than 44 years I’d been watching/reading about drag bikes and had never been to a drag bike event. Sometime in the fall of 2011 I started talking with Wayne Skinner about Vintage Racing and shortly after decided to build a bike. I’ve owned at least one Triumph since 1970 and decided it would be a Triumph 750 powered drag bike since I knew Triumphs pretty well.
I started with the Rothwell frame and a disassembled  engine from Fayette county that looked decent. After I split the cases I found that it wasn’t decent at all. A rod had broken ( I think) at the small end and damaged both cam journals/bushings on the primary side. No one wanted to repair it for me so I bought a pair of 79 cases off EBay and built up the engine using both 72 and 79 components. So far, so good. First start-up is within a couple weeks. 
The rest of the bike went together pretty well with the usual hiccups associated with homeowner built bikes. I’ve been advised to put wheelie bars on it for safety’s sake so they’re coming from Pingel. I think the bike is too heavy to be a serious competitor especially with my 190 lbs sitting on it. Couple the weight with the fact I’ve never drag raced anything and I may have spent a lot of money on a slow bike with an amateur rider on board. Initially I just want to make a few safe passes with it and not kill myself or tear up the bike. I’ll worry about world records later.
With a different rear tire and taller gearing it might make a decent LSR bike at Wilmington. Hope to run one of those events this summer. Thanks for the interest in my bike and also all of the great Lowbrow parts. I have two other Triumphs, both 650’s, and both have numerous Lowbrow parts installed.
Chuck, Marysville, Ohio"

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