Monday, April 16, 2012

Salt Ghost Scale Model!

We received this email and these photos from Ulrich in Ravensburg, Germany last week. He had seen a photo of the Salt Ghost in a German magazine and started on this scale model:

"Hi guys! Just came across your website. Was looking for info about the Triumph Salt Ghost. I started to build a 1/8 scale model of the bike. It appeared some years ago on a German classic motorcycle magazine when it was rediscovered. The model is now 80% finished with many scratchbuild parts. The basic model is a Revell 1/8 scale Triumph T100.

I did many parts in aluminium (engine mounts etc) The tank was modified and the cylinder heads are also scratchbuild. There were no correct head in this scale. Wheels were respoked with thin insect pins.

I think it is close to the real thing Don´t ya think?

Greetings from over the pond
Ulrich Hoffmann

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