Monday, April 9, 2012

Customer Spotlight: Noel's Alaskan CB450

 Noel up in Alaska sent us some pictures of his tins awhile back, and now we get to see the finished product! Check out what he has to say below:
"Hey guys.  I sent you a picture of my tins awhile back and just wanted to update you with the bike.. This is my first show and first bike ever built. Had a lot of help from great people here and there and I will continue to build bikes from this experience.  Just wanted to say thanks for the "tech tips" and having a great selection of products for my bob! The old school scene is very little up here in AK and this year we got a record snow fall of about 135 inches so we will have a short riding season. Oh well. Anyways here are some pics of the bike!  -Noel"
"Special thanks to Rusti's paint and fabrication and Hawyn9designs for helping on my first bike"


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